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A Bountiful Harvest

 I walked outside this morning and felt a subtle crispness in the air, heralding the advent of fall.  I breathed in, deeply, and got a good noseful of that damp, earthy scent:  dog poop.  Today would be the day for the harvesting that I had been putting off for several weeks. We have three dogs, so ideally, this job would be done weekly, but late August and early September were miserably hot and humid, so I had procrastinated. Today, though, was perfect.   It is a dirty job, but for the intrepid, it offers challenges and rewards. The first challenge is to don the proper apparel, for without the proper PPE, the task can be quite off-putting.  Long pants are a must during mosquito, chigger and tick weather, and by all means, wear closed-in shoes. Hand coverings are also recommended, since poop is best harvested with one's hands.  Scoops and shovels may be acceptable for the faint of heart, but they are cumbersome and inefficient.  My glove of choice is a Kroger plastic shopping bag.

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